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Acceleration programme

Individual mentoring lets you reach your goals faster.

The SpielFabrique Acceleration Programme consists of online and on-site coachings which last six to nine months at the most. Together with our partners CNAM Enjmin, Cologne Game Lab (Cologne Institute of Technology) and ARTE, we will be individually mentoring and financially supporting selected teams.

What’s more, from the group of candidates we will select team members for special developing projects of our program partners ARTE France and Microsoft – e.g. to develop serious games.

Hands-on coaching programme

Workshops include individual coachings and focus on economical, strategic and sales-oriented issues. And you’ll get in touch with financial and industrial partners from France and Germany.

Workshop June 18

Workshop March 18

Workshop July 17

Workshop May 17

Workshop February 17

Workshops Cologne/ Angoulême 2016

Online Coaching

Based on one-on-one sessions, the online coachings are tailored to the needs of the teams by country and industry experts. In three-hour discussions with the coach, the specific requirements of the teams will be identified to create a corresponding media offer for the project. It is followed by a one-on-one debriefing and a joint preparation of the next steps.

One-on-one online coaching

  • > Franco-German product organization
  • > Peculiarities of the French and German market
  • > Adjusting marketing strategies for France and Germany
  • > Communication in France and Germany
  • > Cultural aspects
  • > Co-publishing of French and German publishing houses
  • > Public and private financing / investment options


ARTE France Track

Our partner ARTE France offers developer projects for innovative games for the broadcaster.

The first project, initiated with the teams in Ludopium (Germany) and Kalank (France) in June, 2016, was presented as an initial marketable prototype at GamesCom 2017.

Microsoft Track

Our partner Microsoft offers developer projects for innovative games based on cognitive Microsoft Cloud technologies. The objective is to create a marketable prototype – to be presented at a distinguished Microsoft event. The selected projects are Hitchhiker from Germany and ICONS: Battleshifters from France.

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