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Enter Africa co-production

ENTER AFRICA: Eurafrican Co-production Platform for video games

Like the Goethe Institut we believe serious gaming can encourage young people in Sub-Saharan Africa to use game thinking as a tool to address everyday challenges.We want to create a game ecosystem that represents African Culture and reimagines African futures.

Enter Africa was launched in 2018 by the Goethe Institut and we decided to join them in this innovative project. This is a creative African network made up of interdisciplinary teams including game developers, city planners, story tellers, artists, architects and engineers in 15 African mega cities.

Our activity aims at providing education and solutions  through a selective market dedicated to promising African studios and to European studios that are open to cooperation. A market that take the shape of a platform to connect, showcase, network and interact between studios, institutions, publishers and financiers.

Bonobo Entertainment

Bonobo studio is a creative studio for animated films and games inspired by African history, culture and fantasy.

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The game: The Guardian Dynasty

A game of combat, exploration and discovery where the player explores a whimsical African world. The player faces Droids, wild animals transformed into warriors by Dark Energy and characters from African mythology.
The player is called upon to Solve puzzles, discover ancestral melodies that are used to unlock certain passages, along the way he acquires allies who can come to his aid when needed.
Each mask has special powers and its powers can be combined to have more power in defense as well as in attack and also increase its potentials.

Kayfo Game Studio

Kayfo is a game development studio based in Dakar, Senegal. We produce mobile games set in African contexts, inviting players to discover Africa from another angle.

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The game: Amma – A quest for light

Amma – A Quest for Light is a puzzle/exploration game set in Mali, in Dogon territory. Amma is the Universe creator god for Dogon people, and his unwanted son Yurugu has decided to shut down every visible star from the Earth, in order to punish human beings against their unrespectful behavior towards the Earth. In the game, you will play as a young girl called Yélé, and will be free to explore a fantastical 3D world in order to find artifacts, puzzles and resolve enigmas. As you progress in the game, a captivating story will unveil to you, help you understand this fantastical world, and move towards your ultimate goal: restoring the light on Earth!


Created in 2017, WORK’D is an Ivorian start-up specialized in the video game industry. Its aim is to enhance the value of gaming as a means of promoting African culture and know-how, but also as a powerful communication, marketing and training tool for companies.
The studio’s first project is called ¨POINTS by work’d¨ and is available on Google PlayStore. It is a smartphone adaptation of a famous game in African primary schools.

The game: Gbakaman Racing

GbakamanRacing is a 3D and multiplayer racing game for mobile. It features the phenomenon of “Gbakas”, mini public transport coaches with 16 to 32 seats. In all major African cities, the conclusion is the same: this means of transport is indispensable. How many times have we laughed at the attitudes of the drivers, the special atmosphere in the vehicle, and their not always exemplary conduct? These vehicles are part of the landscape of sub-Saharan African cities,
This game offers the possibility to race between friends each driving a “gbaka” in crazy modes and with innovative game mechanics, all with an African coloring. The circuits that highlight the beauty of our African cities and their singularities, the modeling of the vehicles and the various animations and interactions make this a unique racing game.

Enter Africa, Goethe Institut and SpielFabrique are pleased to announce that 3 studios out of the 6 finalists have been declared winners of the Enter Africa competition for the quality of their African video game concepts:


  • Bonobo Studio and the game The Guardian Dynasty – Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo


  • Work’D and the game Gbakaman Racing – Abidjan, Ivory Coast




These 3 studios will therefore benefit from an online support and a trip to Europe on the year 2020 to find co-producers in order to develop their games.
We are therefore now looking for co-producers, please feel free to contact us if you’re interested.


Those 3 studios came out a long list of 24 studios from Enter Africa 15 countries. A Panel of pre-selection , composed by gaming and cultural industries experts from Africa and Europe, established a short list of the 6 best studios.

The final jury, composed by Isabelle Drouin (Orange – France), Robert Mugisha (DopeApps – Rwanda), Hervé Delabrousse (Gameloft – Africa), Nathan Masyuko (LudiqueWorks – Kenya), Yves le Yaouanq (Ubisoft – France), Andreas Suika (Epic Games, Germany) took place on the 16th of January 2020.

Do you want to join the adventure?

You are enthusiastic about our project ? You’re a European indie studio open to a Eurafrican cooperation and looking for a way to bring innovative and unexploited cultural materials in video game industry?

Feel free to contact us at: contact@spielfabrique.eu

You will also find rurther information on the official Facebook page: Enter Africa

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