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Are you a professional game developer with innovative ideas looking to gain new momentum for your projects? Would you like to launch a start-up in the gaming market? Or are you looking for investors to publish the first version of your game? In that case, the accelerator SpielFabrique is just the right partner for you!


The SpielFabrique family is growing!

The team of DNA studios and their funny and colorful universe of multi-player games will participate to our cross-border acceleration programme, as well as Naraven, a studio founded by two women, which is currently developing Backfirewall, a tragicomic hacking adventure full of dark humor!

Thanks to the Swiss Arts council, Pro Helvetia, the two studios will benefit from a free one-year mentoring by our team and our experts’ network. With our programme composed by three workshops with teams from France and Germany, a taylor-made mentoring by experts of the industry and a support to participate in video games trade shows, we hope to make their games even better and successful!

European Games Coproduction Market – Call for applications

The European Games Coproduction Market is a programme powered by SpielFabrique, that aims to foster coproduction projects between indie game studios in Europe.

We are looking for studios from France, Germany, Spain, Flanders (Belgium) & Croatia !

Either you are a small indie game studio with a video game prototype looking for a partner to support you on your project, bringing financing and/or specific expertise. In this case you need a project pitch for the market, with at least a prototype to present. The studio has to be already established.

Or you are small/medium indie game studios looking for a project to co-produce. You need to be an established studio and you must pitch what kind of support you can provide and what kind of project you can work on, how you can help another studio with your experiences and knowledges.

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