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You are professional game developers with an innovative game idea? You want to quickly advance your project? You are planning a start-up in the gaming space? Or are you looking for investors to take your first game version public? Then SpielFabrique is the right place for you!

Our Accelerator Program and our extensive partner network is unique in the gaming industry. We can help you optimize your opportunities or make the impossible possible.


21. Juni 2018 : Workshop with the Cologne Game Farm


Odile Limpach, Björn Bartholdy

How to make 100 percent sure nobody ever cares about your game
Tino Hahn (Watson.de)

Survival Guide for publishers jungle and Games Com Pitching
Wolf Lang  (Threaks)
Shouting in a Storm – Cutting through the clutter with smart communication
John Tyrrell (Cosmocover)

One-to-one meetings with Expert:
Karsten Lehmann (Blue Byte), Tino Hahn (Watson.de), Wolf Lang (Threaks), John Tyrrell (Cosmocover),
Timon Gottschalk (NRW Bank), Björn Bartholdy (Cologne Game Lab), Dieter Schoeller (Headup Games)



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