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Ongoing Tracks

Ongoing tracks

Since actions speak louder than words, we are pleased to present the projects that are currently benefiting from our accelerator program.

Our know-how, partner network, and the teams’ adventurous spirit are the ideal combination for a successful future.

Studio: DNA Studios (Switzerland)

Specialised in the digital domain, the team consists of animation, film and IT professionals. The company currently counts 5 employees. they combine their technical and artistic skills to produce serious games, video games, animated short films, and other interactive storytelling experiences.

Rat Race is a game developed by us, born from a desire to create a delirious action game, quickly taken in hand and with which the players directly enjoy playing. Players can only jump and hit forward. The race track is generated by assembling pre-defined blocks, each with unique mechanics.

Studio: Naraven (Switzerland)

Naraven is an international-based game studio born in Switzerland, co-founded by two girls as their very first move in the game industry. More than half of the team now is on the USA’s east coast and most of the members have never even met each other in real life yet.

Backfirewall is “A tragicomic hacking adventure”. One phone, two version of the Operative System fighting over the boss seat. You as the Migration assistant in charge of the update. What that can go wrong will go wrong.

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