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Sieben Streich

Studio : Golden Orb (Germany)

Sieben Streich is a new take on the story of “The Brave Little Tailor”. This is an hilarious adventure game for children with an ethical core and a mind-blowing addictive side-game.


Studio : Massive Miniteam (Germany)

Spitlings is a modern take on a hardcore Arcade Classic for 1 – 4 players in which you waggle through constantly changing patterns of bouncy bubbles.

Orphan Age

Studio : Black Flag (France)

Orphan Age is a dystopian life simulation game, where you play not as the soldiers of war, but as the children left behind. Constantly balancing risk and reward, you must make the big decisions to ensure the group stays alive. Build up your base, scavenge, craft and venture out into the city for new recruits


Studio : YS Interactive (France)

YS Interactive Studio ambition is to produce narrative adventure game adapted from famous comics, novel, movies and TV shows. You can discover their first game here!


Belle Epoque

Studio: Ludogram (France)

Belle Epoque is a narrative game taking place in Roubaix in 1913. Working as a film editor in archives, you come across mysterious reels. As you reassemble the film, you discover the story of the city and its inhabitants. But strange things happen.

Pile Up!

Studio : Seed by Seed (France)

Pile Up is a 1 to 4 player co-op 3D platformer for friends and families. Jump on your friends, pile together and start exploring colorful cardboard worlds! Coordination and creativity are the key to success in progressing through the joyful levels and meeting the most friendly bosses.


Studio : Pierre Feuille (France)

Homelost is a point & click mystery game. You play as Eugene, a young detective. In the several scenes you will have to find particular objects and their stories to solve the mystery.


Studio : Souris Lab (France)

Néro is a shapeshifter neuron fulfilling is quest in the wilderness of the Kingdom of Mathematics. To save your friends and defeat your ennemies, you will have to solve plenty of math puzzles.

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