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While the boom in the gaming industry is unbroken, much of the creative potential remains undiscovered. The future belongs to start-up companies with innovative gaming ideas, but the way to the first ingame demo version, let alone to a professional market launch, is tiresome and full of obstacles. This is exactly where SpielFabrique comes into play.

SpielFabrique is an accelerator program for start-ups and young entrepreneurs in the games market – in Germany we are the first institution of that kind. This program puts the focus on a comprehensive mentoring offer and an excellent network of companies, gaming experts, financiers and renowned program partners, such as Microsoft and ARTE France. Together we ensure that game developers can reach their goals more professionally, faster and more efficiently. Subject to a sponsorship are game concepts and prototypes with a strong cultural and commercial potential. Our support starts with the game development and includes financing and marketing.

Selected participating teams will benefit from top-level one-on-one online coachings and hands-on business workshops – an ideal basis to get their ideas ready for launching in just a few months time.


The founders of SpielFabrique, Odile Limpach and Thierry Baujard, serve as mentors to the project teams. These internationally experienced game pros will make their excellent network of experts and financiers on the French and German games market available to selected teams.

Odile Limpach is lecturing in economics and company foundation at the “Cologne Game Lab” which is affiliated to the Cologne Institute of Technology. At the same time, she works as a strategic consultant for serious games and cross-media projects. Between 2007 and 2014, she has been managing director of the German entertainment software studio “Blue Byte”. Prior to that, she was managing director of Ubisoft Ltd. After graduating from a business school in France, she earned her master’s degree in the USA. Odile also acts as a consultant (CCEF) for international business development to the French ministry of economics.

Contact Odile Limpach: odile@spielfabrique.eu

Thierry Baujard is CEO of the pan-European investment network which focuses on investing in the creative industry. He actively supports companies and investors in the video game sector in financing matters on various markets – in Paris (Game Co), Berlin (Berlin Games Week) and Istanbul (GIST), and he is involved in co-funding various cross-border projects in the field of video games, films and music. Moreover, Thierry was essentially involved in developing the European Guarantee Fund for the creative industry, the European Commission and the European Investment Fund. He also functions as managing director of the consulting company “peacefulfish” and director of the screen music financier “Just Temptation”. Prior to that, he’s been working for Vivendi Group in London, Los Angeles and Berlin – at Babelsberg Studios. In 2015, he launched the Franco-German video game initiative.

Contact Thierry Baujard: thierry@spielfabrique.eu


SpielFabrique has arisen from a Franco-German games initiative which was organized by MediaDeals at the French embassy in Berlin in the course of the International GamesWeek in April, 2015. Besides numerous relevant partnerships inspired by Odile Limpach and Thierry Baujard since the foundation, there is also a close connection to the Franco-German Youth Office (OFAJ/DFJW). Apart from their commercial key activities, SpielFabrique has made it their business to profoundly encourage the know-how transfer and inter-cultural exchange between German and French project participants and to provide them with invaluable information on the German and French video games market.

SpielFabrique is willing to support at least five French and German start-ups per year. The plan is to support thirty companies within five years.

Since 2017, SpielFabrique develops hand in hand with Arte and the city of Strasbourg a yearly Franco-German video game co-production market.

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