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Acceleration programme

Individual mentoring lets you reach your goals faster.

The SpielFabrique Acceleration Programme consists of online and on-site coachings which last nine to twelve months at the most.

Teams are selected in collaboration with a jury of international experts. Then each teams receive personalized mentoring and support adapted to their needs.

We exist since 2016 and have already achieved accelerate 9 companies with the support of international gaming experts coming from university, publishers or Triple A and indie studios.

Our aim, in cooperation with our partner regions, is to find studios with a strong international, innovative and commercial potential for a long term corporate development.

Selected studios are all indie organizations with distribution on different platforms (mobile, PC and consoles) and with different business models (free to play, premium, in-apps purchase, ad financed…).

Hands-on coaching programme

Workshops include individual coachings and focus on economical, strategic and sales-oriented issues. And you’ll get in touch with financial and industrial partners from France and Germany.

Workshop June 2019 @Serre Numérique

Workshop March 2019 @Ubisoft Bluebyte

Workshop June 2018

Workshop March 2018

Workshop July 2017

Workshop May 2017

Workshop February 2017

Workshops Cologne/ Angoulême 2016

Online Coaching

Based on one-on-one sessions, the online coachings are tailored to the needs of the teams by country and industry experts. In three-hour discussions with the coach, the specific requirements of the teams will be identified to create a corresponding media offer for the project. It is followed by a one-on-one debriefing and a joint preparation of the next steps.

One-on-one online coaching

> Franco-German product organization

> Peculiarities of the French and German market

> Adjusting marketing strategies for France and Germany

> Communication in France and Germany

> Cultural aspects

> Co-publishing of French and German publishing houses

> Public and private financing / investment options

>Monthly webinars with video game experts

>Tailored coaching by the two founders of SpielFabrique

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