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Call for Projects 2018


First Video game co-production meeting – Between France and Germany.
Meet your ideal co-producer and boost your project development


Pitch your video game idea/concept to other studios from Germany and from France


  • To find partners for creative, technology and financial ressources/support
  • To develop your ideas further with support from experts
  • To identify funding opportunities


  • Short application needs to be sent before September 15th
  • Selection of the 10 studios announced on October 1st
  • Co production Pitching meeting will take place on Oct 16th in Strasbourg, France

How to apply:

Send a short Powerpoint (Max 10 slides)  or video (max 5 mins) to thierry@spielfabrique.eu with information on:

  • Team and studio presentation
  • Short description of concept /idea of game
  • Expectations from co producer(s)
  • Main need to move forward with the project
  • Planned distribution platforms
  • Rough idea of budget and timing
  • Past projects


16 October 2018: ARTE HQ in Strasbourg + Shadok (www.shadok.strasbourg.eu)

What does it cost:

We cover up to one-night accomodation in Strasbourg and up to 100 Euros for travel

Who are the partners:

  • ARTE GEIE Strasbourg
  • Eurometropole
  • EastGames
  • SpielFabrique

ARTE Co production meeting Agenda in short:

  • Tuesday 15 October: Get together for Dinner
  • Wednesday 16 October: Experts presentations, panels and case studies
  • Pitching and one-to-one meeting with potential co-producers and experts
  • Creative Café discussion on co-production

Click for full programm

Applications are open to all types of studios (date of creation of the studio indifferent), without editorial line nor  budget limit  or envisaged distribution platform.

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