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Tracks 2016-17

Our TRACKS from 2016 to 2017

We are pleased to present you studios and games which have benefited from our acceleration program.

Our expertise and network of partners as well as the teams’ gaming spirit have contributed to those projects success.

Studio: Morphiks (France)

Icons  is an online collectible board game with dynamic characters evolving during the battle. It embraces the depth of board games and the simplicty of a card game. In a rich Space Fantasy universe, populated by divers cultures, Icons evokes sociological and anthropological views.


Studio: Mad about pandas (Germany)

Hitchhiker is an adventure game where the player catches a series of rides on the highway without knowing the answer to this most basic question : who am I, and where am I going? Each ride presents an existential puzzle that the player must solve to move on to the next car.

Studio: Ludopium (Allemagne)

A hypnotic video game about music, geometry and flow. Vectronom combines challenging platforming with rhythm based gameplay. The architecture of each level changes with the music, players have to memorize patterns and overcome obstacles while dancing through the game world.


Studio: Kalank (France)

Watch club is a virtual reality game based on cooperation. You play as a group of Hackers. The game focusses on new technologies issues and the protection of personal data.

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