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SpielFabrique has been building a network of high-class international experts of the video game industry in Europe and Africa. Through this network, we offer strong support to indie studios to become successful entrepreneurs within the game industry.

Interested in coaching indie studios from Europe and Africa? We are looking for people with experience in managing studios, producing video games and doing business development publishers, studios!

Contact spielfabrique to be part of the mentors’ network: contact@spielfabrique.eu

European Games Accelerator

What do we offer ?

Our Acceleration program is a 6 months yearly program (March – August) dedicated to the success of selected Indie studios in Europe.

The programme is composed of:

-personalized mentoring on business topics,

-one on-site and one online workshops with international video game industry experts

-Several webinars with international experts and companies

-One final pitching/networking event.

The goal is to bring expertise on every business aspect of video games development: financing, marketing, business models, publishing and investment. The program is supported by public partners. That makes the program free for the eligible studios.



Our European Games Accelerator will:

Boost your games on the Market

Define the best market strategy and USP for your video games

Explore new financing and business models for your video games

Train yourself and pitch to publishers, investors and financiers

Define a long-term strategy and vision for your studio:

Develop your studio branding

Explore new financing model and scale up your studio

Gather experts, investors and publishers to support your projects.

Be part of a network of mentors and indie studios and gain more experience

How to apply ?

Apply between 1st January and 1st March each year with your projects and studios!

Contact Nicolas Etienne, our acceleration manager : nicolas@spielfabrique.eu

Send your pitch deck and your motivations to participate in the acceleration programme!

We will contact you for a short interview to get to know your team and projects better.

Who can apply?

You are:

a European studio with a video games prototype in pipeline

based in one of our Country partners

Our program : from March to April


– Online Kick-off meeting – define your mentoring roadmap

– 2 days Workshop in one of our country partners – meet experts and studios to get feedbacks on your projects

April-June: Webinars on publishing, financing, marketing and communication strategies

May: Meetings with your mentor

June : Online Workshop – meet experts and studios to get feedbacks on your projects

July: Meeting with your mentor

August : networking and pitching event with publishers, financiers and investors.

After the program: stay in our studio and mentors community and participate in  our webinars on publishing, financing, marketing and communication strategies

list of mentors:

Soren Lass, Business Development Consultant, Germany

Expertise: Publishing strategy, marketing strategy

Since 2013, Soren is a business development consultant, specialized in publishing and investment. His clients include (among others): Nordisk Film Games; Interactive Denmark; Logic Artists; Wild River Games; CAPNOVA Game invest. He had experiences from various publishing roles in Copenhagen, Montreal and Hamburg: dtp-entertainment – Business development ; Ubisoft Montreal – Brand Manager ; Ubisoft Nordic – Marketing Director.

Prof. Sonia Fizek, Cologne Game Lab, Germany

Expertise: Green gaming, sustainability in games development

Sonia Fizek is a digital wanderer and a ludic thinker; on a more formal note, a digital games and media theorist. She is also an associate editor of the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds, a leading international journal publishing academic work in the field of game studies.

Yannick Elahee, Marketing specialist and founder of Tavrox Games, France

Expertise: Marketing strategy, studios management

Yannick Elahee (Tavrox) is a producer, marketer, developer and creative director of Tavrox Games. He is also a game marketing freelancer who can help with PC Game with advertising, influencers outreach, community management, and more.

Kirstin Bosc, Director of partnerships, Global Top Round, Germany

Expertise: Business Development, publishing strategy

Kirstin’s journey in the industry started in 2006, in the pits of customer support and QA. This was soon followed by a number of Business Development and Product Management roles at Publishers and Developers of different sizes. Eventually realizing that her experiences and network would likely be put to better use helping more companies than just one at a time, Kirstin now helps her clients identify and tackle issues they lack experience or market knowledge in or where they need a little help to see the big picture – be it in an advisory role through strategic and BD consulting or hands-on through project-based help or negotiations. Since January 2022, she is working as Director of Parnterships at GTR.

Allan Kirkeby, Senior Business Developer, Erhvervsakademi Dania, Denmark:

Expertise: Contracts and negotiation, Company management, Game design, Production & project management, Product design, Team structure & motivation

Creative leader with years of experience building successful products and managing software projects. Deep understanding of digital games and game products. Strong communication skills, both written and verbal. Expert in leading cross-functional teams. Passionate about using cutting-edge technology to make a difference. Most recently working with game industry startups, investor relations, and incubating the next generation of game companies.

Ronald Kaulbach, Marketing Director at Ubisoft Düsseldorf, Germany

Expertise: Branding and marketing for studios and games

Ronald Kaulbach is the marketing director at Ubisoft Düsseldorf. He coordinates the branding strategy of Ubisoft studios in Germany and marketing strategy for Ubisoft Blue-Byte. He has been working in Ubisoft since 2006. He is also consultant in marketing and branding for video games studios.

Felix Dreyfus, Games Entrepreneur, Founder of Gameexpro, Switzerland

Expertise: Financing strategy, project management and game design

Felix has been working in the video game industry since 2010. After his master’s degree in computer science, he created his first company after graduating from university. Over the years, he has worked on a multitude of titles and has been responsible for a wide range of areas, from software development and project management to marketing and financing.

His idea behind GameExPro is to use his experience to help new and experienced developers alike to secure the financing, release and commercial success of their games.

Charlene Lebrun, Director of Player Two PR Agency, France

Expertise: PR and Coomunication strategy

Charlène Lebrun is the director of Player Two PR, an international PR and communications agency for indie games behind campaigns for Dordogne, Eastshade, Dustborn, Chinatown Detective Agency and more. Charlène previously led international PR campaigns at Sega for Total War and Two Point Hospital, and is also an ambassador for Women In Games International.

Yves le Yaouanq, Chief Content Officer, Focus Home Interactive, France

Expertise: Publishing strategy, production, project management

After spending a few years in the 90s working on some MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons), MMO ancestors, Yves Le Yaouanq started his movie production company, that now celebrates its 20 years of existence. In the early 2000s, as he still played a lot of MMOs, after being by an MMO developer, he started to spend small percentages of his time on videogames, up until full switch 13 years ago. After working for Codemasters, Cryptic on more MMOs, he joined Ubisoft in 2010 and helped on different online related topics (Community Management, F2P, Game as a Service), before setting up a new department early 2018 aimed at creating relevant bridges and collaboration with Indie game developers. After many years in Ubisoft, he became the Chief Content Officer of the French publisher Focus Home Interactive in 2021.

Philomena Schwab, Founder of Stray Fawn Studios, Switzerland

Expertise: Community management, Game Design, studio management

Philomena Schwab is a game designer and community manager from Zurich, Switzerland. She wrote her master thesis about “Community Building for Indie Developers” and went on to co-found the indie game studio Stray Fawn in 2016. The studio’s main focus is the development of procedurally generated simulation games. In 2017 Philomena has been named a 30 under 30 in Technology in Europe by Forbes. As a board member of the Swiss Game Developers association, she helps her local game industry grow.

Frank Meijer, Scouting & Developer relations, Those Awesome Guys Romania

Expertise: Publishing strategy

Founded in 2012, THOSE AWESOME GUYS is a small independent video game developing “studio” and publisher formed out of people from around the world with the purpose of creating awesome games. We strive to be the publisher we would support as developers ourselves.

Aleksandra, Senior PR Consultant, Marchsreiter Communications, Germany

Expertise : PR and communication strategy

Aleksandra has been a part of Marchsreiter since May 2012 and gained experience in the PR- and media sector in London and Krakow. As Senior Consultant she is the expert for complex mainstream campaigns but also leads the Eastern European team.

Dieter Marchsreiter, Founder of Marchsreiter Communications, Germany

Expertise : PR and communication strategy

Dieter has been working in the gaming industry since 1989, in the beginning as a journalist and freelancer for Amiga Joker, PC Joker, Powerplay, Handelsblatt, Focus and Com!Online. 1997 he joined the dark side of communications as PR consultant, working internationally from the beginning of his career for clients such as Playstation and Microsoft Games/Xbox, as well as other developers and publishers from every continent. He founded his agency in 2005.

Catherine Rolland, Serious Game Expert, France

Expertise: Pitching methods, project management, serious games

Catherine Rolland, a doctor and engineer by training, worked for 12 years in research for the pharmaceutical industry before devoting herself to the therapeutic and educational applications of video games. She holds an MBA in “Video Game Management” from the IIM (Pôle Leonard de Vinci in Paris). For 12 years, she developed games and R&D and innovation projects in studios and companies specialising in health applications, professional training and education (Tekneo, KTM Advance, TRALALERE…). At the same time, she has been involved in various associations, including GamesForChange-Europe, to promote the use of games as learning, awareness and care tools, and to federate the different actors involved in the development of useful games. She has been an associate lecturer at the CNAM/ENJMIN for 3 years and has been project manager for the Science and Video Games Chair at the École Polytechnique for the past 2 years.

Guillaume Lautour, CEO of Level up, France

Expertise: Financing strategy

Guillaume Lautour is Managing Partner of Level-Up, a fund investing in gaming studios in Europe and Asia. He is a seasoned venture capitalist. Before founding Level-Up in 2015, Guillaume was for 15 years a Partner of Idinvest, a Private Equity firm based in Paris and managing €7 billion. Guillaume led the funding of more than 35 European and US startups in Technology and Digital Media. During that time, his investments helped create $4 billion in corporate value with 36% IRR and include companies like Deezer, Dailymotion or Criteo. Guillaume started his career in investment banking and project management, working for 5 years in France, China and the USA.

Renate Schmid, Partner Wilde Beuger Solmecke, Germany

Expertise: Legal Agreements

Consulting for companies and individuals about all aspects of media law and contracts with authors and production partners. Lecturer for the Mediengründerzentrum NRW and the Cologne Game Lab. In the past, legal advisor for the television production company Sony Pictures and the German French culture channel ARTE.

Adrien Larouzée, Publishing director, Arte France

Expertise: Project Management, publishing strategy, co-production

Co-producing and publishing games at ARTE France since 2014. Created in 1992, ARTE is a public service European culture channel and digital network with a focus on creation and innovation. In the last decade, ARTE has co-produced a number of major interactive works, including games.

Benjamin Feld, Director of Games Publishing & executive producer, Mixtvision Games, Germany

Expertise: Publishing and marketing

Benjamin is Director of Games Publishing and Vice Managing Director at Mixtvision. He has been working in the media industry for more than 10 years in various positions creating new content but also developing well-known brands further. With Mixtvision he is focusing on content that is rooted in storytelling, trying to produce and publish games that have meaning and which create empathy.

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