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Co-production markets for video games: match and play together for greater European games

Co-production markets for video games: match and play together for greater European games


70 studios from 15 European countries are participating in the match-making days of the European Games Co-production Market developed by Spielfabrique UG and co-funded  by Creative Europe.  Also, 15 studios have been awarded as “co-production ready”.

1 month networking platform to find a co-producer among 70 European indie studios

After mentoring sessions to better understand co production, and starting on the 7th of June, this event aims to bring indie games studios from different European countries to find a co-producer. In the first two days, 91 meetings took place and discussions started between studios to identify the best partners. Each studio couple wishing to start a co-production will be mentored by SpielFabrique and its experts’ network in Strasbourg in France with the support from ARTE on 20th-21st September..

Building the only European indie studios community to strengthen the industry

SpielFabrique, the video game ecosystem catalyst based in Germany, has built up a strong community of studios all over Europe to foster cross-border collaborations for video games development. With the co-funding of Creative Europe, that is funding the European Games Co-production Market, and 17 audiovisual public entities from 15 countries involved in the development of co-production for video games, the program will foster the production of better positioned  projects onto the indie games market. Thierry Baujard, co-founder of the company says: “Co-productions for gaming are increasingly dynamic thanks to stronger European public support that include new funding instruments like tax credit.  Co-production is a strong way for European studios to join skills and learn from each other’s experience.”

Co-production: the challenge of making better games together

Over the past five years, SpielFabrique has indeed developed an expertise in supporting international co-production for video games. Through the organization of 3 Franco-German co-production Markets before the 2 European Games co-production Markets, SpielFabrique has created knowledge resources to support the management of co-production projects and understand key challenges of co-production. In particular, SpielFabrique started in 2022 an online European Games funding Guide with Creative Europe Media Desks in Denmark and Italy, that compiles all public funding opportunities in Europe. 

Thanks to a partnership with the German Lawyer, Kai Bodensiek, partner at Brehm & v. Moers, SpielFabrique is now offering insights and resources about co-production legal agreements.

Euro-African partnerships to develop African Games through co-production

Beside the European Games Co-production Market, SpielFabrique is also developing a mentoring program for African video game studios. Through this program, 9 selected African studios with high quality prototypes are now discussing with 15 European studios interested in producing African games,  expanding their activity to new markets. 

Contact: Thierry Baujard, thierry@spielfabrique.eu – (+49) 017 389 967 70 

Press Kit : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sKMlsH3xsvcf7tOjD-O1JD70lhgKHhy0?usp=sharing 

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