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Archive – European Games Co-production market

The European Games Co-production Market (EGCM) aims at bringing studios from all over Europe to develop and finance indie games together. That’s what we called co-production: a third way to develop and release your video games. The EGCM is a 6 months yearly program (June – November) to find a co-producers for your game, define your common strategy, pitch to publishers and financiers.

In 2022 the program is co-funded by Creative Europe Media.

European Games Co-production Market 2023

Step 1 - Application Process - March - April

 Apply and present your experience as a studios and current pipeline of projects.

Step 2 - Mentoring Session (online) - May

Join a first introduction webinar to learn about co-production opportunities and be part of the SpielFabrique Family with more than 150 indie games developers all over Europe, that share the same challenges as yours.

Step 3 - Matchmaking Session (online) - June -August

Participate in the 2 days of Matchmaking with every other indie studios participants. Pitch your projects and meet every other studios to find the perfect Match.

It’s like Tinder: you’ll find someone to love your games!

Step 4 - Mentoring Preparation (on site) - September

SpielFabrique organizes two days of training for the co-producers couples that will start a project together.

High class international mentors and experts of the video game industry will be invited to coach the studios to prepare a co-production pitch and define the co-production agreement frame.

Step 5 - Online Pitching Session - October

SpielFabrique is pleased to organize the Online Pitching Session to end up the European Games Co-production Market.

The Online Pitching Session represents the final event of the program. The teams are now ready to pitch their coproduction!

If you are a publisher or a financier, you are welcomed to join our event

Step 6 - Follow-up and community membership

Stay in SpielFabrique family and get our advise during your projects

We are looking for studios from Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland.

In view of the current situation, we have also opened our program to Ukrainian studios.

Either you are a small indie game studio with a video game prototype looking for a partner to support you on your project, bringing financing and/or specific expertise. In this case you need a project pitch for the market, with at least a prototype to present. The studio has to be already established.

Or you are small/medium indie game studios looking for a project to co-produce. You need to be an established studio and you must pitch what kind of support you can provide and what kind of project you can work on, how you can help another studio with your experiences and knowledges.

Why coproduction?

We strongly believe that coproduction will help indie video games studios to make their games happen! The studios will find many benefits in finding a coproducer to develop their games:

Increase access to public funding, as both studios can request a support in their own country.

Produce higher quality game, with a bigger budget and a bigger team.

Balance risk and benefits, as the Intellectual Property (IP) is split between both studios.

Enrich games with another culturedifferent values and expertise.

Access to 2 national markets and increase your community

Better bargaining power in the talks with publishers and investors.

Be part of a constantly growing indie community!

Support us and become a partners!

You are national or regional audiovisual funds based in European Union or members of the Creative Europe programme of the EU Commission ?

You know several indie game studios who could need a coproducer in a partner country ?

Contact our team and know more about partnership offers:

thierry@spielfabrique.eu – hugo@spielfabrique.eu

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