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European Games Coproduction market

Coproduction is widely used in the audiovisual industry but remains unusual in video games production (aside from large international studios). Though, it represents many benefits and we strongly believe that this solution is a good opportunity for indie video games studio.

The video game industry is characterized by an international competition and the small indie studios struggle to get a good exposure. We think that a European cooperation is necessary to see the emergence of more successful projects, through the pooling of financing and expertise.

Since 2018, SpielFabrique organized 3 coproduction markets, where studios had the opportunity to meet each other, and then discuss with experts and investors to help them determine the best way to coproduce a game. We started the market with France and Germany, the 2 European leaders in terms of public funding. However, we expanded the last edition to Flanders (Belgium) and this initiative was very welcomed by French and German studios.

Therefore, we decided to open it for other European countries and we are happy to welcome Spain and Croatia in the 2021 edition! A better European cooperation is the key for indie studios to compete on the international market !

European Game Funding Guide 2021

Looking for Game Funding in Europe? We put together with Creative Europe Desks Denmark & Italy an awesome “Guide to European Games Funding”, listing the opportunities in all the European countries.

The search engine for public funding is now available!

You can have access here

You can search for the different public supports in each European country, using different filters. We harmonized the data to make it comparable between the different funds. This is a good opportunity if you are not aware of all the public support types in your country or if you want to find a coproducer! We will try to update it when changes occur. You can also find a full PDF document with more information on each fund on the same website.

The coproduction programme 2021

1 March to 5 April 2021: Call for applications

April – June 2021: Pitching training for the match making days

28 to 30 June 2021: The online matchmaking days

July – November 2021: Mentoring of teams for the coproduction market Mentoring of teams for the coproduction market

15 – 16 November 2021 in Strasbourg: Every team with a coproduction partner will meet experts, publishers and investors to launch their collaboration! The programme is totally free, the financing of the programme is supported by our partners. Nothing will be charged to the studios!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for studios from France, Germany, Spain, Flanders (Belgium) and Croatia!

Either you are a small indie game studio with a video game prototype looking for a partner to support you on your project, bringing financing and/or specific expertise. In this case you need a project pitch for the market, with at least a prototype to present. The studio has to be already established.

Or you are small/medium indie game studios looking for a project to co-produce. You need to be an established studio and you must pitch what kind of support you can provide and what kind of project you can work on, how you can help another studio with your experiences and knowledges.

Why coproduction?

We strongly believe that coproduction will help indie video games studios to make their games happen! The studios will find many benefits in finding a coproducer to develop their games:

Increase access to public funding, as both studios can request a support in their own country.

Produce higher quality game, with a bigger budget and a bigger team.

Balance risk and benefits, as the Intellectual Property (IP) is split between both studios.

Enrich games with another culturedifferent values and expertise.

Access to 2 national markets and increase your community

Better bargaining power in the talks with publishers and investors.

Be part of a constantly growing indie community!

Support us and become a partner!

You are national or regional audiovisual funds based in European Union or members of the Creative Europe programme of the EU Commission ?

You know several indie game studios who could need a coproducer in a partner country ?

Contact our team and know more about partnership offers:

thierry@spielfabrique.eu – hugo@spielfabrique.eu

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