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European Games Coproduction Market



The European Games Coproduction Market is a program powered by SpielFabrique, that aims to foster coproduction projects between indie game studios in Europe.

European Games Coproduction Market

The European Games Coproduction Market is composed of several milestones’ events and activities:

STEP 1 - Online recruitement phase - from 06 March to 15 May 2023

Apply and present your experience as a studio and current pipeline of projects.

STEP 2 - Online coproduction mentoring session - May 2023

Join a webinar to learn about co-production opportunities and prepare for Step 3, matchmaking session.

Step 3 - Online matchmaking session - June/August 2023

Participate in the 2 days kick-off meeting on MeetToMatch with every other indie studios participants in early June. Pitch your projects and meet other European studios to find the perfect Match. You will then have time to continue the discussions with the studios you matched with!

It’s like Tinder: you’ll find someone to love your games!

Step 4 - On-site coproduction training - September 2023

SpielFabrique organizes two days of training for the co-producers couples that will start a project together.

High class international mentors and experts of the video game industry will be invited to coach the studios to prepare a co-production pitch and define the co-production agreement frame.

The training is to be held in Strasbourg, France.

Step 5 - Online pitching session - October 2023

SpielFabrique organizes the Online Pitching Session to end up the European Games Co-production Market.

The Online Pitching Session represents the final event of the program. The teams are now ready to pitch their coproduction!

Publishers and financiers are present to the event

The program is totally free, the financing of the program is supported by our partners. Nothing will be charged to the studios!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for studios from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany (Berlin/Brandenburg and NRW Region), Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Either you are a small indie game studio with a video game prototype looking for a partner to support you on your project, bringing financing and/or specific expertise. In this case you need a project pitch for the market. The studio has to be already established.

Or you are small/medium indie game studios looking for a project to co-produce. You need to be an established studio and you must pitch what kind of support you can provide and what kind of project you can work on, how you can help another studio with your experiences and knowledges.

For more information, contact Hugo (hugo[at]spielfabrique.eu)

Countries partners:

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