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European Games Think Tank

The Gaming sector in Europe is currently changing at fast pace. Several countries have established public funding programmes at national and regional level to incentivize expanded game production in Europe and raise the global competitiveness of innovative entrepreneurs in this field. Most recently, the German Federal Government in 2019 has established a new grant program with 250 Million Euro made available for the coming years. Beyond kickstarting public support mechanisms, strengthening linkages to the financial industry and investor’s community are key elements for further expanding the sector.

In light of current changes and initiatives, the German Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), Media Deals and SpielFabrique are happy to organise an Expert Forum to discuss the market setting, investment opportunities and recommendations for raising the profile of video game production Europe.

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European Games Financing Think Tank 2021

In 2021, thanks to the further support of the German Ministry (BMVI), we would like to go deeper within the identified topics with different closed experts workshops to discuss best ways to improve access to funding for the game sector.

SpielFabrique, jointly with Media Deals, is organising in June and July, 4 workshops with 6 to 8 experts only to look at efficient plans for future developments. Each workshop will be focused on one of the following four topics: Public funding, private financing, banking and professionalization towards games developers and publishers.

The outcomes of the workshops will be presented in a public online debate at the end of the year as a follow up from last year.

European Games Think Tank - Debate - 2021 Edition

European Games Think Tank - Debate - 15 December 2021

Introduction of the European Games Debate (16:37)

"Bankrolling games: challenges of video game funders" (20:49)

Financing the growth of indie game studios (50:06)

"Ready Player Jedermann. Video games and Future of Entertainment." (24:14)

Ending words (21:21)

Introduction of the European Games Debate (30:44)

Keynote by Peter Warman, NewZoo (46:01)

Panel on public funding (49:59)

Conclusions (5:45)

Panel on Publishing (58:54)

Panel on Private Funding (1:00:04)

Panel on Professionalisation (45:27)


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