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Ongoing Tracks

Ongoing tracks

Since actions speak louder than words, we are pleased to present the projects that are currently benefiting from our accelerator program.

Our know-how, partner network, and the teams’ adventurous spirit are the ideal combination for a successful future.

Studio: Encurio (Germany)

Faith + Honor: Barbarossa is a classic story driven top-town rpg with 3D scenes. The team focus on historical correctness and the d20 system for skills and combat. They cooperate with historical institutes, universities and museums.

Studio: Fantastic Foe (Germany)

Fantastic Foe is a small indie game studio based out of Cologne, Germany. Their mission is to build imaginary worlds that hit close to home – games that leave a lasting impact on how people feel about the world around them. Their current title, Enclosed Encounter, is a VR survival puzzle game where you’re forced to run dangerous experiments on your indestructible otherworldly pet… all while single-handedly maintaining a secret research facility.

Studio: Archel Play (France)

“Babylon’s Lions” is a single player narrative and adventure game (3D) for PC and console about the life of Daniel, mythical hero and advisor to King Nebuchadnezzar. The player will be led to make decisions that will change the course of the story and chart his path through the eyes of the hero.

Studio: Ender Ocean (France)

The ENDER OCEAN project was born out of the to find a permanent solution to reduce to reduce pollution and pressures on marine and coastal biodiversity. The originality of the solution comes from the fact that it is self-financed by another industry: the video game and entertainment entertainment industry. The aquatic drones are indeed piloted by video game players connected remotely to an online platform. These players can train in a dedicated dedicated pool before taking the plunge.

Studio: Bunkaland Studio (France)

Dion is a 3D role-playing game with retro graphics. The game tells the story of Esh, a teenage boy fresh from Spina City, who finds himself transported into the video game given to him. Aware of being in the game, he will have to experience many adventures in order to return home.

Studio: DNA Studios (Switzerland)

Rat Race is a delirious action game, quickly taken in hand and with which the players directly enjoy playing. Players can only jump and hit forward. The race track is generated by assembling pre-defined blocks, each with unique mechanics.

Specialised in the digital domain, the team consists of animation, film and IT professionals. The company currently counts 5 employees. they combine their technical and artistic skills to produce serious games, video games, animated short films, and other interactive storytelling experiences.

Studio: Naraven (Switzerland)

Naraven is an international-based game studio born in Switzerland, co-founded by two girls as their very first move in the game industry. More than half of the team now is on the USA’s east coast and most of the members have never even met each other in real life yet.

Backfirewall is “A tragicomic hacking adventure”. One phone, two version of the Operative System fighting over the boss seat. You as the Migration assistant in charge of the update. What that can go wrong will go wrong.

Studio: Label This (Slovenia)

The Gap is a hard sci-fi first person narrative exploration thriller. While you have to unravel the mystery through a few puzzles, the game mainly focuses on the narrative, atmosphere and environmental storytelling.

LABEL THIS Studio was co-founded by Jan Gortnar and Sara Lukanc. They met at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, both studying interaction design. Jan is primarily a 3D and environment artist, but he is also in charge of programming, sound design and music. Sara is a writer and a 2D artist – in charge of the story, illustration and graphic design.

Studio: Vision Keeper (Germany)

VISIONKEEPER STUDIO is a newly founded indie studio based in Berlin. It was founded by Käthe Keller and Samir Riecke in order to be able to develop „A Game about a Flame“. Our aim is to deliver unique and atmospheric games. We want to touch people emotionally and inspire them. It is our aim to create short and powerful games with a strong message.

Student project: PlayTiX (France)

PlayTiX’s mission is to introduce video gaming as a medium of sense and advancement. Our games empower players and add up any teeny tiny actions to have an impact both on the player experience and on the world.

Studio: Jolly Roger Productions (France)

Jolly Roger Productions is an indie game cooperative based in Nice, France, founded in 2021 by three passionate buccaneers! We design our games with passion and diligence, while trying to be environmentally and socially responsible.

Since late 2020, we’ve been working on the DeepDark project, an atmospheric isometric survival horror inspired by Silent Hill, Resident Evil & Alan Wake.

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