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Mélissa Neu

Press Releases

10.6.2022 – Co-production markets for video games: Match and play together for greater European games

70 studios from 15 European countries are participating in the match-making days of the European Games Co-production Market developed by Spielfabrique UG and co-funded  by Creative Europe.  Also, 15 studios have been awarded as “co-production ready”.

12.4.2022 – Declaration of intent for a European co-production framework in video games industry.

8 public entities in Europe, brought together by SpielFabrique, have declared for 2022 their ambition to boost the video game industry in Europe by developing cross-border collaborations through co-production between independent studios.

They speak about us!

02.05.2022 – (French) Jeu video: Un business en mode collaboratif – Pointéco Alsace, Revue CCI Alsace – Pierre Pauma

09.05.2022 – (German) Die Videospiel-Branche setzt auf kooperation – IHK Karlsruhe Wirthschaftsmagazin – Pierre Pauma

Video games: exponential growth, but highly competitive market. Although the regions are increasingly interested in the sector, cross-border dialogue is still limited to an exchange of good practices.

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