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Studio: Archel Play

Archel Play is a french independent video game studio based in Angoulême, specialized in 2D and 3D narrative games.
The story, the scenario, the graphics and the sound universe are at the heart of their priorities, and it is with passion that they develop games, while progressing towards more excellence.

Nestled in Angoulême, near the famous video game school ENJMIN, Archel Play is an independent video game studio located in the heart of the Magelis image cluster. Founded in 2020 by Philippe and Virginy Celerino, it has since been supported by the Eurekatech technology park.

Our main team is composed of 3 people whose motivation is to progress towards more and more excellence to offer our players unique universes!





Lead 3D/2D Artist

Developer/Game Designer


Co-founder & CEO

Artist director/2D Artist/Graphic designer


Co-founder & CEO


Babylon’s Lions

Babylon’s Lions is a single player narrative and adventure game (3D) for PC and console about the life of Daniel, mythical hero and advisor to King Nebuchadnezzar. The player will be led to make decisions that will change the course of the story and chart his path through the eyes of the hero.


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