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Studio: Bonobo Studio

Bonobo studio is a creative studio for animated films and games inspired by African history, culture and fantasy.


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+243 826 858 556


2D/3D Graphic Designer

JOsias solomo

Game Designer

christian mokuba

Executive Producer

Farah kokobile

Writing Coordinator

COlon Assany


The Guardian Dynasty is a game of combat, exploration and discovery where the player explores a whimsical African world. The player faces Droids, wild animals transformed into warriors by Dark Energy and characters from African mythology.
The player is called upon to Solve puzzles, discover ancestral melodies that are used to unlock certain passages. Along the way he acquires allies who can come to his aid when needed.
Each mask has special powers and its powers can be combined to have more power in defense as well as in attack and also increase its potentials.

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