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Studio: Darjeeling

Darjeeling is multi-award winning production company based in Paris, France, founded in 2009 by Marc Lustigman & Noam Roubah. Our projects are guided by the sensibilities of the authors and directors we choose to collaborate with, along with a desire to question the world around us, and the times that we live in, in an original way. Productions are guided by a sense of independence and creativity in both content and style. This ethos runs counter to the idea of producing standardised format. Our flexible structure allows us also to produce in a wide variety of programs: original documentaries, animated films, video games, series and webseries. Over time, this approach has allowed our company to gain solid experience working with new, evolving genres and means of distribution.


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12-14 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Executive producer

marc lustigman



Winner of the best mobile/tablet game category at Game Connection 2018 in San Francisco, Homo Machina is a puzzle game that invites players to discover the mechanics of the human body, which is represented as a factory from the 1920s.

The game is available on iOS and Android since 2018

Californium is a narrative adventure and exploration game in subjective 3D, inspired by the work of American science fiction writer Philip K. Dick.

The game is available since February 2016 as a coproduction from Darjeeling, Nova Production and ARTE France, published by ARTE France

Adapted from the bestselling book ‘Pierre the maze detective, The Search For the Maze Stone’, Labyrinth City is a labyrinthic narrative adventure game.

The game is available since June 2021, published by Pixmain

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