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Studio: Encurio

Encurio GmbH has been an owner-managed marketing and internet agency from Cologne since 1995. The Cologne-based internet agency offers customer and target group-oriented solutions for industry and trade. Especially in the sectors: Beauty, Culture, Media, Real Estate, Finance and Automotive. The name encurio is derived from the words “ensure” and “curious” and means “to make curious with certainty”. Since 2014, encurio has also been developing complex computer games and apps based on Unity 3D and Unreal.


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Cologne Game Haus
Deutz-Mülheimer Str. 30
50679 Köln


Faith + Honor: Barbarossa is a classic story driven top-town rpg with 3D scenes. The team focus on historical correctness and the d20 system for skills and combat. They cooperate with historical institutes, universities and museums.



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