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Studio: Featlander

FEATLANDER is an emerging virtual reality studio in Spain with focus on games in Virtual Reality based on Unreal Engine for players, and immersive interactive narrative experiences oriented to business & entertainment. Currently in Seed phase and with the support of ZeroUnoGames and Polo de Contenidos Digitales de Málaga, we are working on creating & promoting “Djinniya’s Lamp”: An adventure and puzzle video game in virtual reality.




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2D Concept Artist

Alejandro Aracil

3D Artist

Christian Vega



Sound Designer

Alvaro Tumby


Djinniya´s Lamp is a VR adventure game set in an ancient magic tale.
As Djinniya, a clever nomad girl, you must escape from a mysterious
collection of magic lamps and its strange unwilling inhabitants:
Discover and resolve its mysteries and puzzles with the help,
lamp and wishes of a friendly djinn trapped inside all the lamps.
Confront the forgotten mad kings, their cursed servants and
their djinns.
Escape quickly! Use all your wits & wishes wisely, or the
magic influence of the lamp and its inhabitants overtime could
transform you into a djinn!


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