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Studio: Gamma Minus

Gamma Minus is a German independent video game development company founded in 2018 owned by Jeremiah Costello and Friedrich Klemme. Some of their team members have been active in the gaming industry for several years, and for example, have worked on franchises such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, Homefront, or Tomb Raider. Furthermore, they work together with graduates from the Cologne Game Lab and other universities and technical schools in Germany.




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Hildebrandtstrasse 3,

40215 Düsseldorf, Germany


+49 1512 756 3230





Cold Comfort is an asymmetrical competitive 5v5 PvP  horror survival game that is set in the immediate aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. The players – Survivors and Gamma Prime alike – are thrown into a hostile game world where they need to make a simple choice: Will they play as a team or will they try to survive on their own?

This choice is forced onto them by an atmosphere of imminent danger and the overwhelming odds of a world that changed too suddenly.  Behind the curtains of this struggle for survival a much bigger story is playing out – a story involving a huge pharma corporation with a vision and all the things that can go wrong, because humanity is simply not ready for immortality.


Rough Justice is a single player time based management game. You run a private security contracting agency, by hiring, managing, training and deploying agents; dealing with fugitive recovery, repossession and private investigative contracts.



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