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Studio: Kill Bug Studios

Killbug Studio is an indie multidisciplinary team of professionals with experience in the design and development of mobile video games!




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2D&3D Artist

Senior Programmer


Juan Manuel Jimenez Prieto


Rise of Dominance is a f2p videogame of the genre 4X-RPG for mobile devices https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4X, that takes place in a fantasy environment from medieval times, where the player must manage the development and growth of a colony of minions. The player can train his minions in some of the 30 skills that are available in order to customize his team. With this, you can perform PvP, PvE actions and city raids or live peacefully throughout the game like a prosperous merchant or a famous craftsman. The player is responsible for managing the status of the units, managing their food, rest, leisure and learning, as well as the city they have created, deciding the buildings to build and the defenses that they consider necessary.

The game seeks to give players spaces where they are the ones who decide what they want to do and not be forced to always carry out the same type of activity but without feeling that they are wasting time in the race to be the best.

The idea arises from imagining what the units and characters of other games of this genre do when they are not fighting? What if we played their daily lives apart from having them just for combat? From this idea arises the genre 4X-RPG.

We want to give a PvP experience as complete as the other reference games:
– customizing your group of units
– training them and improving their levels
– allowing the configuration variables to be similar to those of the other reference games
– Creating a fun and hooligan atmosphere

In this way we can participate in the same E-sports market and retain the player who also enjoys periods of peace and management.

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