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Studio: Kunta Content

Kunta Content is a content production company that makes Games, Animation, Film and TV




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Nairobi Game Development Center
Diamond Plaza, 6th Floor

Pramukh Swami Ave,

Nairobi, Kenya


Game Producer & designer


Hiru is an action/adventure survival games about the story of Hiru a teenage son of a Maasai king. He is out herding cattle with his brother & goes back home to find his clan getting massacred by poachers for protecting a herd of elephants. One of the poachers is left behind to set fire to the huts. He is able to attack & kill him, but not before he gets a clue to tracking the gang of poachers.

As HIRU, followed by his brother UTI, you begin a journey across the savannas of East Africa & consuming African food & herbs, experience their culture & customs & “retire” dozens of poachers, gangs & wild animals from the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro to the deserts of Northern Kenya.

The overall objective of the game is to make it all the way to the enemy’s lair & avenge your community. Along the way, you will meet helpers (both animal & human) who guide you through the game world as you embark on your quest. The game is a third person action adventure survival game.

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