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Studio: Lanterns Studios

Founded in January 2020, Lanterns Studios deliver compelling and responsible narrative video games to the world, exploring the space between indies and AAA games. The team offers services for the gaming industry such as mobile games, casual and hyper-casual games, VR/AR, game porting/remastering and mocap services. They are currently composed of 15 full time employees, with other part-time employees and freelancers




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Lanters Studios

Rue de l’energie,
Charguia 1


+216 23 58 67 07



Jihed Jaoubi



The Edge

“The Edge” is a trilogy narrative game concept games that combines balanced gameplay of action and investigation. In a near future urban city of 2033, a young psychological profiler and the heiress of the biggest tech corps in the city, Nadia Abrahams, begins her career with a series of mysterious cases which made here struggle with a conflicting position: Will she perform her duty in a total respect of the law regardless of its flaws and its tendency to serve power interests? Or Will she satisfy her absolute thrust for justice using all imaginable method to undercover the truth?
The game starts when Nadia awakens from a coma to find herself in an ICU with a dazed head. Her memory of the leading incident was severely blurred and buried deep in her subconscious. All along the game, the player would experience the course of events and keep alternating between past events and the present time to get the full picture of a concealed conspiracy that roots go back strangely to the moment of her birth.

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