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Studio: Siva Studio

SIVA was formed on Edu4Games, the first Croatian pilot program for game development. Each of the team member has a strong college background, and together they intend to learn about game development, and eventually open a game development studio.





3D Artist

Luka Rudan

Game Designer

Vanja Čulek



Nina Kolarec

Sound Designer

Nela Gluhak


Path of view is a puzzle game filled with spatial puzzles which the player solves by learning about the difference between a two dimensional and a three dimensional world
The game demonstrates a complex relationship between 2D and 3D beings, showing the player a way of understanding the relationship between our 3D world and a theoretical four dimensional world.
The game is set in a three dimensional world which seems simple and empty at first. The player meets and controls Dvadej, a flat being that exists in a two dimensional world.
Dvadej is not able to explore alone, since it can only move within its two dimensional axis, so he needs our help and knowledge about the third dimension. By orbiting its two dimensional plane, the player shows Dvadej a much more complex world, erasing the limits that are set within the two dimensional plane.


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