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Studio: WORK’D

Created in 2017, WORK’D is an Ivorian start-up specialized in the video game industry. Its aim is to enhance the value of gaming as a means of promoting African culture and know-how, but also as a powerful communication, marketing and training tool for companies.
The studio’s first project is called ¨POINTS by work’d¨ and is available on Google PlayStore. It is a smartphone adaptation of a famous game in African primary schools.




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GbakamanRacing is a 3D and multiplayer racing game for mobile. It features the phenomenon of “Gbakas”, mini public transport coaches with 16 to 32 seats. In all major African cities, the conclusion is the same: this means of transport is indispensable. How many times have we laughed at the attitudes of the drivers, the special atmosphere in the vehicle, and their not always exemplary conduct? These vehicles are part of the landscape of sub-Saharan African cities,
This game offers the possibility to race between friends each driving a “gbaka” in crazy modes and with innovative game mechanics, all with an African coloring. The circuits that highlight the beauty of our African cities and their singularities, the modeling of the vehicles and the various animations and interactions make this a unique racing game.

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