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Tracks 2017-18

Tracks 2017-2018

In this section, we present the games and studios that have already benefited from our accelerator program.

Our know-how, our partner network, and the creativity of the studios all contributed significantly to the success of the projects.

Studio: Darjeeling

(Franco-German co-production)

Winner of the best mobile/tablet game category at Game Connection 2018 in San Francisco, Homo Machina is a puzzle game that invites players to discover the mechanics of the human body, which is represented as a factory from the 1920s.

Studio: Backwoods 


This studio developed Resort, an interactive mystery  game which focuses on a narrative about emotions and introspection. In it, the player follows the author  Laura Tanner as she goes on a surreal epic journey. Currently, the studio is working on the project Unforeseen Incident that you can find ici!

The studio today

Studio: N’gon (team dissolved)


Viking Rage is a virtual reality action game where the player controls a Viking who must defend his fortress with axe and bow.

Studio: Tritrie Games


Jessika is a narrative game where the player controls a hacker who navigates top secret servers in search of videos, texts, and images concerning the mysterious German terrorist organization NSU (National Socialist Underground).

Studio: Flying Sheep


Flying Sheep produces HTML5  games. This studio has already produced over 150 games and has collaborated with LEGO, Barbie, and DreamWorks among others, as well as creating its own IP.

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