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Tracks 2016-17

Tracks 2016-2017

In this section, we present the games and studios that have already benefited from our accelerator program.

Our know-how, our partner network, and the creativity of the studios all contributed significantly to the success of the projects.

Studio: Morphiks (France)

Icons is an online board game with dynamic characters that evolve during battle. Here, the Morphiks studio has combined a sociological and anthropological approach with a science fiction universe.


Studio: Mad about pandas (Germany)

Hitchhiker is an adventure game where the player controls a hitchhiker in search of his identity. Each stage presents a puzzle that the player must solve to find out who he is and where he is going.

The studio today


Studio: Kalank (France)

Watch Club is a virtual reality game. In this cooperative game, the players control a group of underground hackers. The game highlights the issues of new technologies and the manipulation of personal data.

The studio today

Studio: Ludopium (Allemagne)

Vectronom is a hypnotic 3D platformer with a frenetic rhythm. Players must overcome the game’s obstacles to the beat of the music, which motivates them to memorize musical sequences. The game was voted best game of the year by the Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom 2018 in Cologne.

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