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Video Games Studios

Video Games Studios

Here are the projects and studios that went through our programs and that are involved in our initiatives today!


Achtung Autobahn Studios is an indie company based in Cologne, Germany making social realist games that propose new ways to engage with and reflect on society.
Hailing from five different countries, our team of talented developers is hard at work on our debut title, a historical stealth action-adventure game set in 1968 West Berlin.

Sponsors: Film und Medienstiftung NRW


 FEATLANDER is an emerging virtual reality studio in Spain with focus on games in Virtual Reality based on Unreal Engine for players, and immersive interactive narrative experiences oriented to business & entertainment.

Sponsors: ZeroUnoGames, Polo de Contenidos Digitales de Málaga


Killbug Studio is an indie multidisciplinary team of professionals with experience in the design and development of mobile video games.

Sponsor: AEVI, DEV


Lukyantsev is an independent game studio based in Montreux, Switzerland
with a dedicated team of developers, designers, artists, programmers, and most importantly gaming enthusiasts. Each of their endeavors is guided by a strong sense of technology and passion for games & multimedia.

Sponsor: Canton de Vaud, SwissGames Showcase


MAGIC DAYW wants to build the very best – deeply social, meaningful and personalized narrative games on the market. Its team wants to bring people together and allow them to connect in unique ways through their narrative experiences

Sponsors: ProHelvetia, the Swiss Arts Council


Mellow Games creates deep emotional experiences through accessible, quirky and imaginative interactive stories. It was founded by Melanie Taylor, indie game developer, narrative designer and co-creator of the award-winning games Orwell – Keeping an Eye on You and Orwell – Ignorance is Strength.

Sponsor: Screen Queensland


N-Zone‘s mission is to provide memorable gaming experiences, allowing players to immerse themselves in strong universes and engaging adventures that leave their mark through time.


PrismaStone Studio a group of students specialized in Management and Entrepreneurship, currently in Master 2 within the Gaming Business School, a business school specialized in the field of video games located in Lyon, but above all great video game enthusiasts from a very young age.


SIVA was formed on Edu4Games, the first Croatian pilot program for game development. Each of the team member has a strong college background, and together they intend to learn about game development, and eventually open a game development studio.

Sponsor: HAVC

Kayfo Game Studio 250x250

Kayfo is a game development studio based in Dakar, Senegal. We produce mobile games set in African contexts, inviting players to discover Africa from another angle.

Alkemaiz 250x250

 Yolanda, from Alkemaize, is a storyteller, filmmaker and owner of 1000 Hugs Films with over 12 years experience in the film and TV industry. She created Rapulani! The brand. Her film “Hair That moves” was her transition from television to film and was made through Focus Features’ Africa First program, which she was selected into and has been screened at various film festivals all around the world.

Jiwe Studios 250x250

The team at Jiwe Studios is dedicated to creating unique African story-driven games and to be the ultimate developer hub for creating, playing, distributing games in Africa. Composed of 6 experienced game developers and game designers.

Kiroo Games 250x250

 Kiro’o Games is the first video game studio in Central Africa. In 2016, they released Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, the 1st African-RPG on PC, which received great reviews around the world. Through their games and applications, their vision is to create the most inspiring digital catalog in Africa.

Kunta Content 250x250

Kunta Content is a content production company that makes Games, Animation, Film and TV

Lanterns 250x250

Founded in January 2020, Lanterns Studios deliver compelling and responsible narrative video games to the world, exploring the space between indies and AAA games. The team offers services for the gaming industry such as mobile games, casual and hyper-casual games, VR/AR, game porting/remastering and mocap services. They are currently composed of 15 full time employees, with other part-time employees and freelancers

Leti Arts 250x250

Leti Arts was founded by two pioneers in African video games industry, each based on opposite sides of the continent. Wesley’s first indie release in 2007 – The Adventures of Nyangi – is widely regarded as the first game built in sub-Saharan Africa. It was inspired by Tomb Raider, and set in Kenya with Kenyan characters. This is, of course, widely contested by Eyram, who believes his was the first on the continent. Together they form a dream-team of creative and technical passion, and continue to trail blaze the African games industry.

Spacesalad studios

Space Salad Studios is a dynamic studio that makes indie games based on unique stories. The company was established 1 year ago and within a year we were voted/won comic con Africa x project springbok best game in Africa award (2020), simmer.io October top picks (2020) and recently our latest game hotbunz won diversity best physics game for the free lives game jam (2021). Our games are both educational and entertaining (edutainment).

Weza 250x250

Weza Interactive Entertainment is a studio based in Kenya. They are creating Interactive experiences for Africa that inspire, empower, educate and entertain. Their goal is to activate the potential of the African gaming market and industry.

Archel Play is a french independent video game studio based in Angoulême, specialized in 2D and 3D narrative games.
The story, the scenario, the graphics and the sound universe are at the heart of their priorities, and it is with passion that they develop games, while progressing towards more excellence.

Sponsors: Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, le cnam enjmin, la compagnie des martingales, Grand Angouleme

Bunkaland Studio is an audiovisual and digital production company. Based in La Rochelle, it offers creative solutions to artists and other companies to optimize their digital presence. At the same time, the team is developing animation series, as well as video games.

Sponsors: Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, le cnam enjmin, la compagnie des martingales, Grand Angouleme

Specialised in the digital domain, DNA Studios‘ team consists of animation, film and IT professionals. The company currently counts 5 employees. they combine their technical and artistic skills to produce serious games, video games, animated short films, and other interactive storytelling experiences.

Sponsor: ProHelvetia, the Swiss Arts Council

Encurio GmbH has been an owner-managed marketing and internet agency from Cologne since 1995. The Cologne-based internet agency offers customer and target group-oriented solutions for industry and trade. Especially in the sectors: Beauty, Culture, Media, Real Estate, Finance and Automotive. The name encurio is derived from the words “ensure” and “curious” and means “to make curious with certainty”. Since 2014, encurio has also been developing complex computer games and apps based on Unity 3D and Unreal.

Sponsor: Film und Medienstiftung NRW


The ENDER OCEAN project was born out of the to find a permanent solution to reduce to reduce pollution and pressures on marine and coastal biodiversity. The originality of the solution comes from the fact that it is self-financed by another industry: the video game and entertainment entertainment industry. The aquatic drones are indeed piloted by video game players connected remotely to an online platform. These players can train in a dedicated dedicated pool before taking the plunge.

Sponsors: Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, le cnam enjmin, la compagnie des martingales, Grand Angouleme

Fantastic Foe is a small indie game studio based out of Cologne, Germany. Their mission is to build imaginary worlds that hit close to home – games that leave a lasting impact on how people feel about the world around them.

Sponsor: Film und Medienstiftung NRW


Jolly Roger Productions is an indie game cooperative based in Nice, France, founded in 2021 by three passionate buccaneers! We design our games with passion and diligence, while trying to be environmentally and socially responsible.

LABEL THIS Studio was co-founded by Jan Gortnar and Sara Lukanc. They met at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, both studying interaction design. Jan is primarily a 3D and environment artist, but he is also in charge of programming, sound design and music. Sara is a writer and a 2D artist – in charge of the story, illustration and graphic design.

Sponsor: Institut Francais, Goethe Institut, Deutsch Französischer Kulturfonds

Naraven is an international-based game studio born in Switzerland, co-founded by two girls as their very first move in the game industry. More than half of the team now is on the USA’s east coast and most of the members have never even met each other in real life yet.

Sponsor: ProHelvetia, the Swiss Arts Council

PlayTiX-G6 PNG

PlayTiX’s mission is to introduce video gaming as a medium of sense and advancement. Our games empower players and add up any teeny tiny actions to have an impact both on the player experience and on the world.

Sponsor: SEMIA

Visionkeeper Studio is a newly founded indie studio based in Berlin. It was founded by Käthe Keller and Samir Riecke in order to be able to develop „A Game about a Flame“. Our aim is to deliver unique and atmospheric games. We want to touch people emotionally and inspire them. It is our aim to create short and powerful games with a strong message.

Sponsor: OFAJ / DFJW

Bonobo studio is a creative studio for animated films and games inspired by African history, culture and fantasy.

Created in 2017, WORK’D is an Ivorian start-up specialized in the video game industry. Its aim is to enhance the value of gaming as a means of promoting African culture and know-how, but also as a powerful communication, marketing and training tool for companies.
The studio’s first project is called ¨POINTS by work’d¨ and is available on Google PlayStore. It is a smartphone adaptation of a famous game in African primary schools.

Gamma Minus is a German independent video game development company founded in 2018 owned by Jeremiah Costello and Friedrich Klemme. Some of their team members have been active in the gaming industry for several years, and for example, have worked on franchises such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, Homefront, or Tomb Raider. Furthermore, they work together with graduates from the Cologne Game Lab and other universities and technical schools in Germany.

Giant Door is a small team of developers based in Cologne, Germany, that got together by sharing the same passion for video games. For the team, video games are a communication form as well as a gate to explore new worlds.

Rivers and Wine create brands that are characterized by depth and creativity. They lead players on a journey into stories and let them discover what lies behind the garden wall.
To build games that accomplish that, they create dense, detailed worlds. Rules can strengthen the foundation of a world and provide players with a sense of authenticity. The journey to the innermost secrets of a world will always start with one thing: The step into the unknown.


Les Crafters is an indie game studio from France, specialized in local multiplayer games. Their first game, Toasterball, a multiplayer sports game with toasters, is currently on early-access on Steam.

They also do other projects, for their clients or for themselves, like 3D animation.

2054 is a young video game one-woman-team studio, which was founded in September 2020. This studio is the result of more than two years of work and much, much passion.

Sponsor: Pictanovo


Somewhere is an interactive narrative for children, developed by the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. The Film University is a corporation under public law and at the same time a state university.

Sponsor: Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, FilmUniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf


UN JE NE SAIS QUOI is an artistic swissknife company involved in the production and development of audiovisual, video game, publishing and advertising productions. Founded by Cedric BABOUCHE, director and art director with a 15 years experience in animation, we like to think outside of the box and develop projects by connecting them to the media that suit them the most.
From animation, illustration to video game, we like everything and gather the best artists, developers and producers to make the projects, we’re involved into, work.

Sponsor: Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Based on an animation savoir-faire, UMANIMATION relies on an unconventional production line for animation that blurs the lines between traditional storytelling and video games. We use the video game engine Unity at the heart of our creation and production process, especially for its real-time rendering capabilities. Like many specialists in the sector, we think it has the potential to revolutionize the production of animation projects.

Sponsor: Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Xeno Bits is an indie game studio based in Bordeaux, France. It started as a small business in 2012 with Creative Director Maxime Millet only developing mobile games.

After successfully releasing the mobile titles Tarot des HérosPirate Cat and Berry Hill, the team started growing and is now working hard on the first PC game of the studio: Exogate Initiative.

Sponsor: Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

spitlings logo 2


Massive Miniteam (Allemagne)

Spitlings is a game with frantic gameplay, brightly colored visuals, and hypnotic beats. It is a modern take on an Arcade Classic for one to four players who must find their way through constantly changing patterns of bouncy bubbles.

siebenstreich logo


Golden Orb (Allemagne)

Siebenstreich (Seven at One Blow) is based on the The Valiant Little Tailor by the Brothers Grimm. This game combines tradition and humor with current topics such as ecology.

Located in the heart of the German Ruhr area, Golden Orb is a small, award-winning indie studio with a focus on narrative games. It was founded in spring 2018.

YS interactive studio


 YS Interactive (France)

Equinox is a first-person perspective narrative game for PC and consoles. The player character is a human by day and transforms into a werewolf by night. To progress in the game, the player must combine the abilities of both forms. Every decision influences the course of the narrative and leads to different results.

Sponsor: Pictanovo

Belle époque jeu logo

Belle Époque

Ludogram (France)

Belle Époque is a narrative game set in the French city of Roubaix in 1913. The player character is a film editor who has discovered mysterious reels of film. By editing the film, the player discovers the history of the city and its inhabitants, but is also confronted with strange events.

Sponsor: Pictanovo

Orphan age logo

Orphan Age

Black Flag (France)

Orphan Age is a dystopian simulation game set in a world at war. The player controls a group of orphaned children fighting for their survival. Each of the children has its own strengths, weaknesses, and fears. The player must control the characters so that they can build a shelter, explore the city, and survive.

Sponsor: Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Pile up image

Pile Up!

Seed by Seed (France)

Pile Up! is a platformer for one to four players. The players each control a cube and must pile on top of each other to explore the game’s colorful worlds. The team’s coordination and creativity are the key to successfully passing the levels.

Seed by Seed is an Independent game development studio, created in 2018 to bring the cooperative game Pile Up to life. We were gathered together by the love of shared breakfasts, cute plants and carefully handcrafted videogames.

Sponsor: Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

homelost logo


Pierre Feuille (France)

Homelost is a point-and-click adventure. The player character is the young detective Eugène. Many elements in the background scenery of Homelost have their own history. The player’s task is to discover these stories and solve the mystery.

Sponsor: Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine



Souris Lab (France)

In A Tale of synapse, we follow the adventures of Néro, a shape-shifting neuron, in the depths of the Kingdom of Mathematics. To save his friends and defeat his enemies, Néro has to solve math puzzles.

Homo Machina

Homo Machina

Darjeeling (Franco-German co-production)

Winner of the best mobile/tablet game category at Game Connection 2018 in San Francisco, Homo Machina is a puzzle game that invites players to discover the mechanics of the human body, which is represented as a factory from the 1920s.

Darjeeling is multi-award winning production company based in Paris, France, founded in 2009 by Marc Lustigman & Noam Roubah. Our projects are guided by the sensibilities of the authors and directors we choose to collaborate with, along with a desire to question the world around us, and the times that we live in, in an original way.



Backwoods (Germany)

This studio developed Resort, an interactive mystery  game which focuses on a narrative about emotions and introspection. In it, the player follows the author  Laura Tanner as she goes on a surreal epic journey. Currently, the studio is working on the project Unforeseen Incident that you can find here!

The studio today


Viking Rage

N’gon (Germany) (team dissolved)

Viking Rage is a virtual reality action game where the player controls a Viking who must defend his fortress with axe and bow.



Tritrie Games (Germany)

Jessika is a narrative game where the player controls a hacker who navigates top secret servers in search of videos, texts, and images concerning the mysterious German terrorist organization NSU (National Socialist Underground).

TriTrie Games is a micro-indie developer based in Cologne, Germany that combines creativity, knowledge and aspiration for high-value software solutions and unique digital games.

Flying Sheep 2

Flying Sheep

Flying Sheep (Germany)

Flying Sheep produces HTML5  games. This studio has already produced over 150 games and has collaborated with LEGO, Barbie, and DreamWorks among others, as well as creating its own IP.

Icons Battle Shiffters

Icons: Battleshifters

Morphiks (France)

Icons  is an online collectible board game with dynamic characters evolving during the battle. It embraces the depth of board games and the simplicity of a card game. In a rich Space Fantasy universe, populated by divers cultures, Icons evokes sociological and anthropological views.

Sponsor: Microsoft



Mad about pandas (Germany)

Hitchhiker is an adventure game where the player catches a series of rides on the highway without knowing the answer to this most basic question : who am I, and where am I going? Each ride presents an existential puzzle that the player must solve to move on to the next car.

Sponsor: Microsoft



Ludopium (Allemagne)

A hypnotic video game about music, geometry and flow. Vectronom combines challenging platforming with rhythm based gameplay. The architecture of each level changes with the music, players have to memorize patterns and overcome obstacles while dancing through the game world.

Ludopium is an independent game studio based in Cologne, Germany. It specializes in music games and ludic audiovisual installations. The team consists of an international group of game developers with all kinds of backgrounds in different areas of media production.



Kalank (France)

Watch club is a virtual reality game based on cooperation. You play as a group of Hackers. The game focuses on new technologies issues and the protection of personal data.

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