MATCH is a yearly program started in 2018 and powered by SpielFabrique. Originally Franco-German, it now includes over fifteen European countries every year. The objective is to promote interaction between studios from partner countries by providing them a platform to meet, but also to facilitate coproduction development by bringing expertise in the field.

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Applications for this program will open again in March 2024

Program stages

Online Recruitment Phase

Apply and present your experience as a studio and current pipeline of projects.

Online Coproduction Mentoring Sessions

Join a webinar to learn about coproduction opportunities and prepare for Stage 3, matchmaking session.

Online pitching session

SpielFabrique organizes the Online Pitching Session to end up the European Games Co-production Market. The Online Pitching Session represents the final event of the program. The teams are now ready to pitch their coproduction! Publishers and financiers are present to the event

Online matchmaking session

Participate in the 2 days kick-off meeting on MeetToMatch with every other indie studios participants in early June. Pitch your projects and meet other European studios to find the perfect Match. You will then have time to continue the discussions with the studios you matched with!

On-site coproduction training

SpielFabrique organizes two days of training for the co-producers couples that will start a project together. High class international mentors and experts of the video game industry will be invited to coach the studios to prepare a co-production pitch and define the co-production agreement frame.


When people collaborate, they benefit from each other’s experience, skills, and knowledge. They go further in the development of the game on a conceptual level, but also on a technical level, and can offer a bigger, more mature game to the publishers and be more attractive. They are also more competitive for a project with strong European intellectual properties.

We want to offer an alternative way between the classic publishing possibilities and the indie video game studio that is on its own.

Project/Studio Management and Organisation

Publishing Strategies

Long-term financial strategies

Pitching methods

Indie Video Game Coproduction Case Studies

Business Intercommunication

Annual event schedule

The program runs annually from June to October. It ends with an online pitching session to publishers and financiers.

  • March - May

    Application phase

  • June

    Matchmaking session

  • September

    Training session

  • October

    Pitching session

During the on-site coproduction training session in Strasbourg, for 2 days in September, keynotes, case studies, and one-to-one meetings with our experts in publishing, law, co-production and networking events are organized.

Who can apply?

Video game studios of all sizes situated within our partner countries can apply for the MATCH coproduction program. This inclusive opportunity welcomes studios regardless of their scale, fostering collaborative growth and innovation within the gaming industry’s diverse landscape.

If you want to participate, you need to meet the following criteria:


The program is entirely cost-free for studios. Our partners generously cover the program’s financing, meaning no charges will be incurred by participating studios. This commitment underscores our dedication to providing valuable opportunities without any financial burden, allowing studios to fully engage and benefit from the program’s offerings.

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