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The Problem

Emissions are generated all along the value chain, from manufacturing and data center energy usage, to e-sporting events and packaging. In the U.S. alone, the annual game-related energy usage is estimated to generate 24 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions —the same amount as over 5 million cars.

-Project Drawdown 2023

Slowly but steadily, we have come to understand that we cannot tackle the range of alarming societal and environmental issues in silos. They are all interconnected. Not surprisingly, in this spirit there is an increasing number of pioneers in the gaming industry fighting for the protection of the environment, of human beings, of their diversity, their health and equal rights.

Program Highlights

Annual Conference

An engaging one-day hybrid event where industry luminaries, innovators, and advocates gather to explore, discuss, and celebrate ongoing efforts towards sustainability in the game industry.

Sustainability Training

Empowering indie game studios through continuous learning. Our year-round training activities provide valuable insights, strategies, and resources for studios to craft and implement their sustainability agendas.

Think Tank Work

Collaborating with European game associations and public fund representatives, we initiate think tank work resulting in authoritative whitepapers. These documents not only shed light on industry challenges but also present actionable recommendations for policymakers at the EU level.

Impact Game Support

Events and activities to support the creation of games with ecological or social focus. We boost ambitious projects that challenge wide-spread narratives and empower gamers to become changemakers themselves.

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